• Sales representatives, deployed in every division and geographic area of the retailer store base, help with the promotion and selling of Best Choice, Clearly Organic, Always Save, Superior Selections and IGA at store level.
  • We oversee the development of more than 100 new items per year.
  • Promotional Deals are available to the members of more than $65,000,000 per year.
  • Management of the Save-A-Label program – over 13,000 organizations are involved in the labels for non-profit organizations program. We have donated more than $1,000,000 to charity in last three years. Each Best Choice label is worth $.03.
  • Recalls for both branded and store brand products are handled through the AWG Brands department.
  • We direct the WIC program for Best Choice and Always Save in more than 22 states.
  • We test all Best Choice, Clearly Organic, Superior Selections and Always Save products multiple times per year in our own in house lab.
  • We handle digital marketing initiatives including social media, websites, blogging and email club management.
  • We recently rebranded the Best Choice and Clearly Organic logos and packaging to resonate with today’s consumers.
  • Our demo program offers monthly demonstrations for every store.
  • The POS program makes sign kits available for new stores and other materials available through eCOMM.



The Best Choice®, Clearly Organic™ and Always Save® products are tested on a regular basis to make sure that they maintain consistent quality. All products are tested an average of four times a year.



For Quality Assurance Team

Phone 1 (844) 292-1112 (toll-free)
Fax (913) 288-1585


For digital marketing support contact Cara Mahon