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The Save-A-Label program is an extremely successful program, which helps non-profit organizations raise money. Currently, there are over 8,900 non-profit groups in the AWG trade area that participate in the program. These groups earn $.03 for each Best Choice UPC symbol redeemed, with a minimum of 1,000 labels required for redemption. This program represents more than 1.2 million cases of Best Choice products purchased by consumers in one year!


  1. Raise Money for Your School or Any Non-profit Group.
    Together we can work to make a difference. It’s easy, just save labels for cash.
  2. Save Best Choice® Labels… It’s Just that Easy.
    Just save the labels of Best Choice products. Be sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase). Your school will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC’s sent to us.
  3. Where to Find Best Choice?
    You will find more than 4,400 Best Choice items at over 3,000 stores in 28 states in 24 states. Best Choice Products carry a 100% Quality Guarantee which assures satisfaction with every purchase.


Get Started Now!
To participate, complete the REGISTRATION card today. You will receive an information packet as well as a Bonus Label Certificate.

For a digital toolkit, with social media posts, graphics and advertisements for the SAL program, choose a download option: zip file or Google drive.



We recommend putting each 1,000 labels in a sealable bag, envelope or secure with rubber bands, whichever is most convenient. Please indicate the number of labels you are redeeming.
Yes, please submit as many bundles of 1,000 labels as you can!
Just cut around the UPC symbol. It’s not necessary to send in the whole label.
We recommend selecting a method of mailing which provides you with a receipt of delivery, such as Certified Mail. Neither Best Choice Save-A-Label, nor its affiliates, shall be responsible for labels not received by Best Choice Save-A-Label, at the address herein, nor will redemptions thereof be honored.
Once your group is registered, you will remain in our files.
The Best Choice labels currently are being redesigned. In most cases, the words “Best Choice” are printed above the UPC symbol
Only Best Choice labels may be used for the Best Choice Save-A-Label Program.
In an effort to minimize paper and streamline our process, we will automatically apply $30 when your first 1,000 labels are redeemed.  Bonus Certificates will no longer be mailed as of 1/1/2020.
No. The Bonus Certificate is no longer necessary.  However, you must submit your redemption form with your participation number to redeem your labels.
Keep those labels you have collected for the following year.
Formerly this number was printed on your Bonus Certificate, now they can be found in emails about Save-A-Label program updates.